“Hostage Tactics Are The Last Resort Of Losers”

Stand aside, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX); you may be praised for your skills at debate, but the left has found an orator of their own to challenge the way you frame issues in Washington. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made this impassioned speech just hours before the GOP shut down the government at midnight on October 1. Pundits may call her a “populist” as if that’s a slur, but this woman is speaking to the real needs of the American people in a way which escapes many politicians on the Hill, who seem to be living in their own version of reality (Healthcare is death! Food is waste! Money is bad for the poor!).

Senator Warren is particularly cutting on the issue of the GOP obsession with denying women every possible reproductive right imaginable. This time, it was sneaking a provision into the budget that would allow employers to deny women insurance coverage for birth control on “moral grounds.” Step aside, abortion protestors; now we won’t even let women PREVENT themselves from becoming pregnant in the first place. That’ll make sure they’re too busy taking care of children to worry about stepping foot outside the house (and the GOP fantasy lives on). Sen. Warren, on the other hand, had this to say to Republican lawmakers: “I have a daughter, and I have granddaughters, and I will NEVER vote to let a bunch of backwards-looking ideologues cut women’s access to birth control. We have lived in that world, and we are not going back. Not ever.”

I have an incredibly difficult time believing what politicians say, but this woman strike a deep, deep chord in the part of me that wants to believe that there are more good politicians out there working for positive change….than the trolls we see sitting atop of the money pile and counting their gold. The reason that people are really starting to sit up and take notice of this senator is that she is interested in finding real policies that help the American people and the American economy prosper. She made a great start with taking on the financial sector, and her blunt, direct, and forceful manner is just what the left needs to take on the bullies on the right.

This is a woman who has clearly stated that she does not want to run for the Presidency. Well, that in and of itself may make Elizabeth Warren the best qualified person in Washington for the job. Her determination to work for the good of the American people is inspiring, and we could use a lot more legislators, left and right, just like her.



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